Here is a list of all modules:
 Memory Allocation API
 AtArray API
 Camera Nodes
 AtClosure API
 Color Manager Nodes
 Critical Section API
 Output Driver Nodes
 AtEnum API
 Pixel Sample Filter Nodes
 Licensing API
 Math Functions
 AtMatrix API
 Node Metadata API
 Message Logging API
 AtNodeEntry APIFor a discussion of Arnold's object-oriented system of pluggable nodes, please refer to AtNode API
 AtNode APIArnold has a pluggable node-management system for the standard primitives such as lights, cameras, geometry, shaders, filters, drivers, etc
 Procedural Texturing API
 Operator APIThis API is used to create graphs of operator nodes which can procedurally perform scene inspection, creation, and late binding modifications at render time
 AtParamEntry APIThis API provides a mechanism for clients to query information about a node's parameters
 Plug-in Loading API
 Pointcloud Iterator API
 Procedural APIThis API is used to create geometry procedurally at render time, rather than upfront
 Ray Tracing API
 Rendering API
 Sampler API
 AOV (Arbitrary Output Variables) APIThis API is for writing AOVs (Arbitrary Ouput Values) from inside a shader
 Shader Closure API
 Light Sampling API
 Shader Message Passing API
 Parameter Evaluation API
 Irradiance / Radiance API
 Screen Sample
 Sub-Surface Scattering API
 User-Data API
 Shader Utility API
 Volume Rendering API
 Shader Globals API
 Shader Nodes
 Render Statistics API
 Texture Mapping API
 Thread Management API
 Unit Testing API
 AiUniverse API
 AtVector API
 Versioning API
 Volume Plugin APIThis API is used to interact with custom volumes, implicit surfaces and formats at render time

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