Data Fields
AtBSDFMethods Struct Reference

BSDF function table. More...

#include <ai_shader_bsdf.h>

Data Fields

int version
void(* Init )(const AtShaderGlobals *sg, AtBSDF *bsdf)
AtBSDFLobeMask(* Eval )(const AtBSDF *bsdf, const AtVector &wi, const AtBSDFLobeMask lobe_mask, const bool need_pdf, AtBSDFLobeSample out_lobes[])
AtBSDFLobeMask(* Sample )(const AtBSDF *bsdf, const AtVector rnd, const float wavelength, const AtBSDFLobeMask lobe_mask, const bool need_pdf, AtVectorDv &out_wi, int &out_lobe_index, AtBSDFLobeSample out_lobes[])
AtRGB(* Albedo )(const AtBSDF *bsdf, const AtBSDFLobeMask lobe_mask)
bool(* Merge )(AtBSDF *bsdf, const AtBSDF *other_bsdf)
AtClosureList(* Interior )(const AtShaderGlobals *sg, AtBSDF *bsdf)

Detailed Description

BSDF function table.

This structure is used to report the function pointers that the renderer needs to call at runtime. The version field is used for runtime compatibility checking.

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